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Heddle Selection Mechanisms

In a Jacquard loom, each warp thread can be raised or lowered individually. That is how the pattern and binding type is determined. The mechanism for selecting and raising or lowering the individual warp threads is the very heart of the Jacquard loom. read more </div>

Market Overview and Desired Specs

This article contains an overview of similar solutions that already exist and how my project compares to them. For this classification, I would like to define targeted specifications that my loom should be able to achieve (testable, quantifiable, verifiable).

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Application Prototype Fund Hardware

This is a non-commercial open-source project. I spend a lot of time refining the idea of the project and will spend a lot of time bringing it to life and making it accessible to the public. To cover the costs for the materials and development of this project, I wanted to apply for funding from the ‘Prototype Fund Hardware’. I answered many questions about the ‘Jacques’ Loom Project through the application process. The answers in the application are a good overview of the project. So I thought this might be a good first post to get you into the project. The questions and answers are translated to English to reach a broader audience; the application itself had to be in German language. The application had to be in German, but I translated the texts to English to reach a broader audience. You can find the original German version below.

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